ROM Computer Magazine Archive ROM MAGAZINE ISSUE 8 — OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 1984 / PAGE 4


    Before I say anything about what is in this issue, I'd like to apologize to a couple of companies that were left out of last issue's article on the "Summer Consumer Electronic Show" in Chicago. They are MicroProse Software and Parker Brothers. Both of these companies had fine booths and lots of new programs but, through a disk mix up. were left out of our magazine.
    First, a comment or two concerning MicroProse Software. They have been producing first class software for over two years, and as far as I know, have not yet had a loser. I have heard it rumored that they now have on the drawing board a new game, which might well be the best yet. I can attest to their popularity at the fair by the fact that their booth was extremely busy, in spite of this, the staff was always patient and courteous, willing to give attention to our interests. We have known their President Mr. Bill Steely for some time now so we should not be surprised at this display of generosity. He is not only a first class Business Administrator, having created one of the best Software Companies in existence, he is also a first class person, ever ready to provide others with the opportunity to benefit from his skills and knowledge.
    MicroProse, who has brought us high quality games like Solo Flight, Hellcat Ace, Floyd of the Jungle, and Nato Commander have just released a brand new fighter pilot simulator called, fittingly, "F15 Strike Eagle". This game features excellent 3-D graphics with both arcade action and strategy combined. Another program which impressed me was "Mig Alley Ace", a head-to-head fighter pilot simulation. Although this program is not brand new, it was new to the ROM staff. This game is reviewed in this issue by our own, "Jake The Software Dude".
    Parker Brothers had quite a different type of booth. Instead of just having programs displayed, they had people dressed up like the characters in their programs. For example, for the game "Frogger II" the sequel to the arcade favourite frogger, a man was dressed in a green outfit like a frog. He would then play the game while giving a play by play commentary. Other new programs included versions of "Starwars" and "Gyruss", two popular arcade games. They were very good copies, making you feel like yo u were in an arcade. There was also a game called "James Bond 007", named after the famous fictitious super spy. Parker Brothers who were once famous only for their board games are now becoming popular for their computer games.
    We particularly regret the omission of these comments from our last magazine. It happened to come to our attention only after it left the printers. We hope and trust that it is not yet too late to give credit where it is richly due.
    This issue contains a machine language game by Jack Chung called, "Interceptor", which in my opinion, is the best game ever to appear in a magazine. Also in this issue is a report from TARICON '84 in Detroit, "Sky Bomber" by Tom Tran, an interview with Roberta Williams from Sierra, Display List Interrupts Pt. III, and a whole lot more. The title for this issue's cover is, "Atari among the Classics".
    One last thing in closing, we enjoy receiving letters from our readers. We would also like to have some suggestions on what you would like us to do in the coming year. We want to become your number one Atari only magazine.

Peter Ellison