ROM Computer Magazine Archive ROM MAGAZINE ISSUE 7 — AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 1984 / PAGE 4


Dear ROM:
    A world of thanks for the issues sent to me. I just couldn't believe what your firm had done. Most of the magazine companies that I have ever dealt with seem to be biased against Canadian submissions. I never did receive a response to the very same articles sent to a couple of other computer magazines.
    It just goes to show you what "Real" people are all about. Also I have enclosed our lst club newsletter for you. As it is a first attempt, we didn't do so hot but at least we tried. I have also sent some cartoons for you to read, I am not asking you to publish them, they are for your enjoyment.
    Also, I would like at this time to make a slight suggestion as to a good article to use for an upcoming issue. As a Canadian Atari Support Group, we have a heck of a time finding out who the other Canadian groups are. Maybe sometime you could publish an uptodate list of the user groups? Sure would appreciate it.
    Thankyou again for your excellent service, you have convinced another group of people the Ataris are the better micro and will stay that way for quite a while to come. As manager of a computer shop in the city, I use your magazine as a selling point for the Atari Computers that I sell.

Kevin Greggain
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Dear Kevin:
    First let me say on behalf of the ROM staff members, thankyou for you compliments. We really enjoyed the cartoons that you sent and have included a few of them in this issue. We also enjoyed your first newsletter, it was quite good. If you saw issue number one of ROM you'll see how much we've improved. Your suggestion on giving a list of user groups sounds quite interesting, we'll give that some thought. I wish you luck in your publication.

Dear ROM:
    It has been quite a while since I've seen a magazine with so many fresh and new ideas. Just after reading your magazine, which I had picked up in a computer store just out of town, made me realize what a good magazine you have here. I especially enjoyed the assembler language listings, as I do some assembly work myself. I hope you can keep up the quality and please don't change your style.

Fran Lawson
Red Bank, NJ.

Dear Fran:
    We at ROM try to keep our ideas new and would be glad to hear comments on what you would like to see done. We will continue to give entire assembly language listings to all of our games as to help people like yourself become more proficient in programming.

Dear ROM:
    Well finally a magazine for the Atari the layman can understand! I read each issue cover to cover and especially enjoyed, "Jake The Software Dude" in issue No. 4. My only complaint is, it disappears from the newstand too quickly!

Maureen Knapp
Victoria, B.C.

Dear Maureen:
    We don't mind hearing complaints like this as long as everyone can get an issue. This is why we keep our subscription prices down, so no one has to miss an issue as a result of it being sold out.