ROM Computer Magazine Archive ROM MAGAZINE ISSUE 7 — AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 1984 / PAGE 4


    ROM is now in its second year of publishing. We believe that we have improved our quality with each issue and that we have helped many Atari users improve their programming skills.
    I have an editorial reply to make to the magazine "HI-RES". Until their May/June issue it was an Atari only magazine, but now also includes Commodore. In the Column, "From the Editor", a subscriber wrote saying, "I subscribed to your magazine on the understanding that it was for Atari only, now that you have added Commodore, don't bother renewing my subscription. " I agree with the reader. If one magazine divides its attention between two computers, its coverage of each is diminished and the reader receives only half of what he believes he had purchased.
    In its editoral, Hi Res made a statement that concluded as follows, - "while Atari's future is best described as debatable". In reply, I would say this; since Atari's structural basis is sound and whatever financial problems they might now be having are in the process of being resolved, it is my opinion that it is Hi Res's assessment of the situation that is debatable.
    As far as Antic and Analog are concerned, I consider them to be excellent Atari magazines and subscribe to them regularly myself. I believe that all magazines with a common interest are mutually supportive and have something to offer the reader and each other.
    Now that I've said what I wanted, I can speak a little of what we have in this issue. First, we have the machine language game "Depth Warrior" by Jack Chung, a sequel to his last game "Sky Warrior". "Depth Warrior" features four animated submarines battling it out underwater in order to be the Ruler of the Sea. Next, we have a game called, `Midway` by Bob Cockroft. This game, based on the epic battle of World War II, pits the player against the computer who is trying to take Midway Island. The third game "Alpha miner" by Tom Tran, is an educational one in which you can learn the letters of the alphabet. Also, since ROM went to the "Summer Consumer Electronic Show", we are able in this issue to present a preview of what is coming up in the next year. Other things include: a tutorial on page flipping, a horse racing program, reviews, and an article on modems.
    I know you'll enjoy what we have in store for you in the coming year and hope you'll become a regular reader.

Peter Ellison