ROM Computer Magazine Archive ROM MAGAZINE ISSUE 6 — JUNE/JULY 1984 / PAGE 4


Dear ROM:
    My heart skipped a beat when I saw Volume 1, Issue 5 sitting on a shelf in an electronics & computer store that I had never been in before. I had dropped in at someone's suggestion to look for Back issues of Analog and Antic. I grabbed the last issue in stock and thumbed through. To my surprise a CANADIAN publication on the Atari. Wow! At last a Canadian voice on the best home computer available! And its a great magazine too!

Jim Jorrutsma
Downsview, Ontario

Dear Jim:
    Thankyou for your compliments about our magazine. We hope that in the future we can make ROM the number one Atari magazine. Yes, we're Canadian but we're all Atarians, meaning we all think the Atari is the best.

Dear ROM:
    I was quite delighted to discover a Canadian published rival to Antic and Analog in ROM magazine.

Shawn Golmon
Regina, Sask

Dear Shawn:
    Thankyou for your letter, and we hope that you'll enjoy what we have in store for you over the coming year.

Dear ROM:
    Here's my $40.00 for the magazine and disk subscription. I think your off to a good start. You're also a trusting company to send me a magazine and disk before the cash, due to the non-acceptance of Mastercard. It's a spirit not usually seen in business today, but I think it's a great spirit. It almost makes me feel like a friend.
    If ever I can help you with the disk subscription in the USA, let me know.

Helen Dougher
Harrison, NJ

Dear Helen:
    Thankyou for such a kind letter. We at ROM want to get to know our readers personally so we can share their experiences with the Atari. We're thankful for every letter that comes in because it's an encouragement to each one of us. Keep up the good work.

Dear ROM:
    I recently purchased the Atari 664-XL for my son, Michael, who is 12 years old. I was just getting to know the computer but my son knows more then me about its' operation.
    I have been getting "Antic" magazine for a few months now and it is a good magazine. However, last week, at a small computer store, I purchased my first copy of "ROM" magazine. My son and I only describe "ROM" magazine as #1. I will tell all my friends about "ROM".
    Do keep up the good work.

Noel Virdi
Vancouver, B.C.

Dear Noel:
That is quite a compliment. As I have stated in the Editorial, we have tried to improve with every issue. The support of you, our readers, is of great assistance in this endeavor.