ROM Computer Magazine Archive ROM MAGAZINE ISSUE 6 — JUNE/JULY 1984 / PAGE 4


    Happy Aniversary ROM! We have completed our first year of publishing and thanks to you, we have really grown. We have tried to write the best programs and articles for the ATARI, including a machine language game in every issue. We hope that in the future we'll have some material from our large number of readers.
    We started out with the entire magazine being printed out on an Atari 825 Printer, and as you can now see, typesetting. With each magazine now being done this way, we'll be able to squeeze a lot more information on to each page(it will also look nicer). Our paper quality has also improved. We have progressed from one-color, uncoated white paper to full color pictures and gloss.
    With every issue we have tried to make each cover attractive and eye catching, and if at all possible, make use of the ATARI computer to create it. This cover is a color picture taken from the T.V. monitor of an Atari Computer. The cover shows a spaceship pulling a three-dimensional Atari Symbol through space. The program, written by Bob Cockroft, is listed inside this magazine to show how it was done. If you have any programs that you have written and think might look good on our cover, send them in.
    In this issue we have once again kept our promise to have a machine language arcade game. The game called, `Sky Warrior' is a four player shoot-em-up game. It uses player/missile graphics to animate each of the cloud riders to give it an arcade finish. The program was written by Jack Chung, author of `Base Hunter', which appeared in issue four. This game should keep any arcade enthusiasts entertained for hours. Also, in this issue we have a new reviewer for you. His name is Gabe Torok, General Manager for Microwest Distributing (distributes all types of computer programs across the U.S. and Canada), we are glad to have his input in the magazine.
    In this issue we have a Data Checker called, 'Procheck'. This will help those that type in our programs find typing errors in them quite easily. We have had many requests for this program and know this will encourage more people to type in the program listings(especially the long ones). Our interview this issue features one with Richard Garriot alias Lord British. Being famous for Ultima 1,11, and 111, his sucess encourages any struggling programmer to strive for the top.
    Thanks again for your support during our first year of publishing, and we expect that over this next year we will improve even more.

Peter Ellison