ROM Computer Magazine Archive ROM MAGAZINE ISSUE 5 — APRIL/MAY 1984 / PAGE 46


    In the past few issues I have written mostly about the technical use of the ATARI computer. in this issue I'm going to talk about what type of support it has apart from just the computer itself.This support is like having a toll free number in CANADA (112-800-268-1784) and the United States (1-800-268-1404) to talk direct with ATARI to find out information on user groups, new products, or anything to do with the ATARI. The people are friendly to talk to and it doesn't cost a penny to speak with them. These phone numbers are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the ATARI computer support.
    Another type of support that is springing up all over the world is a thing called an "ATARI Computer Users' Group". An ATARI Computer Users' Group is an organization of people who own ATARI computers. Their main purpose is to share information about ATARI computer related programs and to help each other expand the usefulness and enjoyment of their computing experience.
    There are many reasons why you would like to become involved in a Users' Group. Would you like to make your free public domain software grow or find a commercial software just right for your application? Or would you like to know what peripherals will work best with your ATARI computer, or do you need help in hooking up the new hardware you've just purchased? A User group should be able to answer all of these questions and more. Even if there isn't a User Group near you it is possible of starting your own. All you need is five or more people who want to share information about their ATARI computers and two or more people who are willto get things started.
    In the planning stages of your User Group it is a good idea to write the people at the ATARI Users' Group Support Program or call 800-672-1404 and ask for their "Users' Group Starter Package".

Computer Users' Support Program
60 East Plumeria
San Jose,Ca 94134

    Earl Rice, of ATARI Users' Group Support said there are currently over 25,000 active User Group members worldwide-and more joining everyday. For a very excellent book with much of the Free Software available for your ATARI get the book called, "Free Software For Your ATARI" from Enrich.This book also gives a listing of over 250 user groups worldwide.
    Besides getting free public domain software in your Users' Group,it is possible to get software over the phone by the use of a modem. A "MODEM" is the abbreviated combination of the two words: Modulator and DEModulator. (Modulator=Transmitter and Demodulator=Receiver).A MODEM is used to connect your computer to a telephone line. It enables your computer to communicate with other computers. A diverse network of services and recreations is as close to you and your ATARI computer as your telephone. Hundreds of information services and electronic bulletin boards (BBS) are standing by at this moment waiting for you. For a very large list of different bulletin boards on which you can use your MODEM, get the book which I mentioned in the last paragraph, "Free Software For Your ATARI".
    Another very useful way of getting information about your computer is through the use of magazines.These programs are free for the typing in. There are three publications that I know of. They are:

P.O. BOX 252
Maple Ridge,B.C.
V2X 7G1

297 Missouri Street
San Francisco,CA 94107

A.N.A.L.O.G. Computing
565 Main Street
Cherry Valley,MA 01611

    These magazines are useful for anyone, from the beginner, on up to the advanced system programmer. They are also very useful in that they help keep the programmer updated with what is available on the market. We hope that our magazine can help even the BASIC programmer get a grasp in the programming of Assembly language.