ROM Computer Magazine Archive ROM MAGAZINE ISSUE 5 — APRIL/MAY 1984



    The Graphics Hardcopy program is an all new method of printing high resolution graphics on Epson, Okidata, Gemini, NEC, Centronics, Trendcom or IDS Paper Tiger printers.The Graphics Hardcopy program will let the user get a hardcopy of just about anything that appears on the display screen of an Atari computer.
    This program will print any graphic or text mode, including mixed mode with custom display lists. The horizontal and vertical size of the printout can be increased or decreased. The chart or picture can be composed on the screen then printed in several sizes,from quite small to several feet wide. When the width exceeds the width of the paper the picture is automatically printed in strips.There is an automatic gray scale simulation which the user may select to represent either grey scale simulation which the user may select to represent either color or luminence levels.
    This program requires 32K and can be bought for $34.95 from:
1126 N. Golden State Blvd.
Turlock,CA 95380


    This new text game from Interactive Software is a challenging one for all ages. It comes with a 30 day warranty and a 24 hour User assistance hotline. A Free subscription to the Beat the Beatles Network is also included with the game. This game although only text should keep any person or persons occupied for hours.
    This program requires 48K and can be bought for $24.95 from:
Interactive Software
P.O. Box 991


    A new company called "Starfire Games" has just released two new games for the ATARI.They are Time Machine 1 and Global Thermonuclear War. The first of the two, is a game where you're the pilot of a USAF/NASA experimental vehicle in search of the first three pilots,who have disappeared into a different time zone. The second game involves you and your ATARI into World III hoping you'll be able make the right decisions.


    The two programs are Grid Warrior and PM EDITOR/ANIMATOR. The first program is a challenging four player arcade game. It features high resolution graphics with twelve different levels of play. Each player steers his Light Cycle to avoid hitting the tail of another ones bike. Play against the computer or against three other human opponents. This game should keep any arcade goer amused for many hours to come.
    The second program of the two is a Player/Missile editor with many features not found on most editors. One of these includes some excellent demos that show the user how he or she can use the players created by this program in their games. Also a lot of the commands are joystick controlled making it very easy to become familiar with the commands. This Utility is one that no programmer should go without.
    Grid Warrior requires 48K and PM/EDITOR/ANIMATOR 32K and they both sell for $24.94 from:
P.O. BOX 252


    YBM stands for "Your BASIC Machine". This program enables you to implement, modify or interface with your existing Atari computer-programs:swiftly, easily and inexpensively.
    The YBM package writes Atari programs that create and abstract information from data bases you set up. Since all YBM programs are written in bugfree, hassle-free BASIC, you can quickly interface them into existing Atari sorts and statistical programs. All file organization, disk I/O and file structure are handled on disk smoothly and efficiently.
    This package comes with YBM source code, complete operating instructions,and a complete flow chart of a generated program. This program comes on disk from:
Somers Corporation
P.O. BOX 295
St. Mary's,OH 45885