ROM Computer Magazine Archive ROM MAGAZINE ISSUE 5 — APRIL/MAY 1984 / PAGE 2


    Last issue I said that I would make the editorial short, instead I went on for a whole page. This time I won't say a thing and maybe I won't go on for so long.
    Piracy, this is one subject that I have been hearing a lot about in the past little while. I don't think piracy is right, but what I think won't changed many peoples' opinions. In my opinion I feel one reason why so much software is being pirated is because the cost of the product. I've heard many arguments by many programmers that say you have to charge forty dollars a copy, or you'll never make any profit. That is very untrue. I think the more that is charged for a program, the more the program will be pirated, instead of being bought. There will probably still be the odd pirate around, wanting a pirated version, but I think all the smaller pirates will probably buy the program, because it is not worth the hassle.(That is if the price is not too high).
    One company that has brought their prices down to a reasonable price range is that of GENTRY. They are a division of DATASOFT and have made all of their games priced for under $20. This is quite reasonable when you think the disk, packaging and duplication shouldn't cost more than $2 for each disk. I also hear the argument that, what about all the promotion money that goes into a product. I think if the product is good, hardly any promotion money should have to be put in to it. With so many pirates on the loose, much time has to be spent on making copy protection, instead of spent on making programs. So if you see or hear of anyone pirating please tell them it is themselves that they are ripping off. I feel some programs are worth the $40+ price range but many are not and those are the ones that should think of lowering their prices.
    Enough about piracy. This issue of ROM is, I feel, our best yet. We have kept our promise of going full color as you have probably noticed when looking at the cover. Our cover was designed by our photographer Jason Cockroft. He used a piece of carboard to poke holes in the shape of an ATARI symbol. A light was then put behind it to light-up the pin-holes. The symbol was then photographed using a Cokin filter called a "Diffractor Galaxy".
    In this issue we have a machine language program called, 'Space Bridge' by Bob Cockroft, that I'm sure you'll all enjoy. Also included in this issue is an interview with 'Arti Haroutunion', author of Kidgrid and Juice. A new column starting up this issue is called 'Making a Game' by Jack Chung, author of Base Hunter from the last issue. We hope this will help both the beginner and advanced become familiar with the programming of a game. The 'War Zone' also has a new name. It will be called, 'Strategy Zone' as it will deal with other games other then war games. We hope that this issue will help you with your programming and will keep you informed on the new things that are coming out. Thanks again for all your letters.

Peter Ellison