ROM Computer Magazine Archive ROM MAGAZINE ISSUE 4 — FEBRUARY/MARCH 1984 / PAGE 56


Flight Simulator from MICROPROSE
    This realistic flight simulator uses three dimensional graphics to provide takeoffs, landings and cross country navigation under visual and instrumental flight rules among 8 different airports.
    The graphics of 'Solo Flight' allow the pilot to fly around the airport to align the aircraft with one of the multiple runways at each airfield based on prevailing weather conditions. Options include touch & go's visual or instrument flying, 3 difficulty levels, and emergency procedure practice. In the game mode the player uses his superior pilot skills to deliver the U.S. mail quickly and safely among the various airfields. This game is a realistic trainer and outstanding fun!
    'Solo Flight' is available on 48K DISK or CASSETTE for $34.95 from:

MicroProse Software
10616 Beaver Dam Road
Hunt Valley, MD

Strategy Game From MACH-INA
    Test your skills as Great Britain's chief financial officer, the "Chancellor of Exchequer", through the first 1000 years of the Industrial Revolution, from 1805 until the beginning of World War I.
    Will you be remembered as the one who secured the Empire-or the one who destroyed it?
    Eight regions are at your command:South England, Cornwall- Anglia, Midlands, Wales- Britol, Lancaster, York, Northumberland and Scotland.
    As "Chancellor of the Exchequer", you have to decide how to feed the nation's explosive population; develop the country's iron and coal mines; boost production and manufacturing; build an integrated transportation system including ships, ports and trains; and stimulate trade within and between regions as you unify the economy.
    "Chancellor of the Exchequer" retails for $29.95 and requires 48K. It can be purchased directly from:
Mach-Ina Strategy Games

Demolition Herby Video Game
    Slam, bang, watch out, man!! Demolition Herby's on the loose. He doesn't care what he hits on his way. Demolition Herby puts the player on a collision course before the chase cars put you in the junkyard. Play "Demolition Herby" alone or simultaneously with a friend. The fuel gauge time clock lets you know when your fuel is getting low and if you succeeded in completing all the laps, you'll even get a surprise bonus. Sixteen levels, three speeds keep the game hopping. For the arcade addict and the first time driver, everyone will enjoy being a hotrodder with "Demolition Herby".
    This game comes on a ROM cartridge for $31.95 and can be bought directly from:
43334 Bryant Street
Fremont,CA 94539

Star League Baseball
    This baseball game has finally arrived from Gamestar. This long awaited version of Baseball is not a dissapointment. After hearing the National Anthem play you have a choice between two different pitchers and like-wise two different batters. Batted balls can be either fly ball or grounders depending on how the shadow appears on the screen. The game uses a scrolling outfield and a joystick is used to catch the ball. This game comes on 32K Disk or Cassette from:
1302 State St.
Santa Babara,CA 93101