ROM Computer Magazine Archive ROM MAGAZINE ISSUE 4 — FEBRUARY/MARCH 1984 / PAGE 3


    I'm going to make this editorial as short as possible this issue because I don't want to keep you from all the good stuff inside this magazine. The quality of our magazine has grown in both the print and content. We are now using a special letter-quality printer to make the writing a lot easier to read. We are trying our best to make this magazine the number one ATARI magazine and with your help we will do it. With all these improvements to the magazine we've also raised the price of the magazine 25 cents. We promise the price won't be raised again for a while. Next issue we will be going "FULL COLOR" to make the magazine look a lot more attractive. We've been wanting to go Full Color for a long time, and now we have you readers to thank.
    We have changed the name of "STARTING PAGE" to "BEGINNER'S LINE". The reason for this is, we feel the other name was getting people confused by what this section was for:"Beginners".
    This issue features a space combat game that is written in machine-language using player/missile graphics to move the starships. The program called "Base Hunter" was written by our newest addition to ROM, Jack Chong. We feel Jack's assembly-language programs will really enhance this magazine. We are keeping our promise too, to feature an arcade game in every issue. I think that you'll enjoy this one very much.
    Our cover for this issue was done by using the three-dimensional 'GRAPH-IT' from ATARI PROGRAM EXCHANGE using the function:
Z=(2*X*Y*Y)/((X*X*X*X+Y*Y*Y*Y))*SIN(X*X+Y*X). The Atari symbol was then super-imposed onto the graph. The stars were added later to give the effect of being out in space. From now on we're going to be as creative as we can with the front cover of each issue.
    Another thing that we are starting in this issue is the ability to print inverse characters and ATARI'S special character set. This is possible because of a program from Xlent Software called "Megafont". This program allowed us to use our printer to dump the ATARI's character set. In this issue "Megafont" is being reviewed and if you have a printer with graphic capabilities I suggest that you read it.
    One more thing before I let you go. In this issue we are printing a few of the letters that we received. We want this letter section to be a way in which you can express what you would like to see in this magazine. So that's all for now. Until next issue Happy Programming!

Peter Ellison