ROM Computer Magazine Archive ROM MAGAZINE ISSUE 3 — DECEMBER 1983/JANUARY 1984 / PAGE 9

Jake The Software Dude
by Jason Cockroft

    Allright here I am again. By the way my name is ah?, Jake the Software Dude. You'll have to excuse my present condition, I just had a wild software party and my circuits are running kind of slow. Anyways, to give you guys an idea of the kind of thing that went on last night, I will tell you what happened, or at least how it got started.
    It all started yesterday afternoon when I was corning home from the unemployment office, when I decided to stop in at the local software store. I took a quick browse around staring at all the usual software when this new game "Jumpman" caught my eye. Well I had a few bucks left in pocket so I decided to go for it. Yah, just as I bought that last little disk, a whole bunch of bright-eyed people came busting in hollering for that game. Well I just chuckled as I told them it was the last one but ... (what a BIG mistake!)... I told them to "come over" and have a game, but bring your own 'Joysticks'(B.Y.O.J . Party). Well now, I quess they kind of agreed.
    By the time I gut home I knew something was different. People were bringirg there own computers, (ATARI's of course), disk drives, T'v's and a few crazies were ever, bringing their cassette players. There was plenty of extra joysticks and potato chips to boot. I loaded in the first game and that's when things got out of hand.
    To totally understand what went on at this here place you'll probably have to buy the game yourself. But to give you readers a clue of what it is all about. I will give you a quick description:
    Jumpman is the name, action-packed excitement is the game! Here's the quick make over:  The game has 30 different levels in which you try to solve. You can play the game on 5 different skill levels which include Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Grand Loop and Randomizer. Your goal of each level is to touch several different tokens placed on 4 or 5 different floors of the screen. After solving one screen your on to the next. Sound easy Aye!
    Well let me tell you something, those darn levels are tricky, even for JAKE THE SOFTWARE DUDE. Even then, if your good enough to master one level, you've got 29 to go. But in the meantime on a particular level you'll have Robots chasing you, vampires flying after you, guns shooting you, and even have the floor give out. While on another level you may be completely blind or have a puzzle to solve. And to make the game even more challenging, it is time oriented. The more time you take, the less points you get.

Jumpman screens

    Now let me rernember, ah yes, it was 3:00 AM, there was young Software Dudes passed out all over floor, a few blurry-eyed survivors still attempting the 10th level on Grand Loop, when; I was in a fierce combition with THE, and let me re-emphasize, THE RAVING REVIEWER. It was rough. I had just completed fighting off the dragons on the 14th level, (I must admit, it was with a lucky throw of the spear), with no men left, and it was THE RAVING REVIEWER'S turn, By now the few remaning conscious people were gathering around the one lonely screen. I can remember the look, the sweat and the chilling frustration of THE REVIEWER'S face, This was it THE REVIEWER made his way down to the 2nd level of the screen, there was only 1 level to go. The crowd drew silent. He jumped off the ladder, ... missed timed his throw ... and it was all over! Now let me see, I've got a smashed TV, an impression of a Joystick in the wall, several lumps on top of my head, and no sign of the, and let me re-emphasize, THE RAVING REVIEWER. Gee, I wondered what had happened.
    As I cleaned up this morning I kind of wondered, was this game really worth it. But my obvious conclusion was YES. The playability, the graphics, and of course, the challenge were all perfect in this game, I'll give this game the honourable award of Jake the Software Dude's Game of the Year!
P.S. Please don't complain about my lousy spelling.

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