ROM Computer Magazine Archive ROM MAGAZINE ISSUE 3 — DECEMBER 1983/JANUARY 1984 / PAGE 11

Listing Conventions

    This section each issue will be just a reference guide for typing in those programs that contain control(CTRL) characters. Make sure you understand this section completely before you type in either 'High Score Saver' or 'Slot Machine' in this issue of ROM. Remember if some words are in parantheses within the quotes it means to refer to the 'listing convention' page.
    Below are just a few example of what we mean:

"(4*SP)"-this means to press the Atari logo inverse key and then press the space tar 4 times.
"(|*4)"-this means to push the escape key, then control down arrow four times.
"(----)"-this means to just press the space bar 4 times.
"(((CTRL Y)(3*SP)(CTRL Y))*3)"-this means to do everything in the parantheses three times. First Control Y then inverse space bar three times, and then Control Y again.
    Remember if you have any trouble typing in the programs, give us a call.

Inverse Video

Normal Video