ROM Computer Magazine Archive ROM MAGAZINE ISSUE 3 — DECEMBER 1983/JANUARY 1984 / PAGE 2


    Have we got an issue for you. This issue contains an Arcade game called "Captain Campsite", and interview with software programmer 'Sid Meier', Character Graphics Part II, Adventure Games Part III, Slot Machine, Beginner's Section, the Raving Reviewer, and a whole lot more. We have kept our promise as I said in the last editorial because we once again have the entire BASIC and assembly language listing of "Captain Campsite", a very excellent arcade game. This very original game combines everything from fast-action player/missile graphics, animated animals, character graphics, and enough fun to keep you playing it for hours to come. This game has the option of players(1-4) and that of lives(1-6). We at ROM promise to have an arcade-quality, machine-language game in every issue that is so good it could be marketed, but we want to serve the user and help him to become proficient at programming!
    We at ROM know how hard it is to type in a program from a magazine without making a mistake, so we are offering a new price on our Disk and Cassette subscriptions. Our Disk version and magazine is reduced by $10.00 to $40.00 per year and our Cassette version and magazine is reduced $5.00 to make it $5.00 per year. It is hard starting out as a new magazine so we hope are lower rates might produce a few more subscriptions.
    Another thing that we will be introducing this issue is section called "Why Buy an ATARI?" This section is exactly what the title says, "Why buy one?" It will give the prospective buyer or new buyer reasons why he should or did buy an ATARI. From this issue explaining simple ATARI graphics to next issue outlining player/missile graphics to give good reasons and explanations on what makes the ATARI so special. One more new section this issue is "The War Zone". This section each issue will review exclusively computer wargames with a few hints at how to win!
    Because of all the letters we've been recieving asking questions, a special letter section will begin this issue. This section will try to answer any of the questions sent in asking about the ATARI. Also we want suggestions on what we can do to improve our magazine so we can make it the No. 1 ATARI magazine. To give you shy ones some incentive to drop us a line, for every 20th letter we recieve, that person will get a one-year subscription absolutely FREE! So send in those letters and you have a chance of winning just by writing.
    One more thing before I sign off. This is very important!! Whenever you see an ad in this magazine and want to buy the product, tell the company where you saw their ad so they know someone is seeing their ad in our magazine. That will be very much appreciated.
Happy Programming!

Peter Ellison