ROM Computer Magazine Archive ROM MAGAZINE ISSUE 2 — OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 1983 / PAGE 30

New Products

Two New Games From PDI

    The first being Android, a game designed to challenge both beginning and advance game addicts. A remote-control android has been sent to a distant asteroid. The android's mission is to gather treasures from the labyrinth buried beneath the asteroid's surface. The labyrinth is guarded by armed robots. It has five levels, and the android must pass through all the levels to escape and return to earth with the treasures. You see the maze through the eyes of the android in 3-D. It requires 40K with an Atari 810 Disk Drive; an Atari 410 Program Recorder is needed to use optional voice track.
    The second game called Clipper: Around The Horn In 1850 also includes an optional cassete voice track. As captain of one of the famed "greyhounds of the sea", the player must make his or her way from New York to San Francisco, via Cape Horn at the southernmost tip to South America. Shrewd planning and wise choices are needed to make this trip in the shortest possible time, with the greatest possible amount of money remaining in the treasury at voyage's end. There are many perils along the way, including fierce storms, deadly calms, and mutinies. Masts may be snapped by howling winds, illnesses my befall the crew, icebergs and submerged reefs may destroy the ship. The game features exceptional nautical graphics. The cassete version requires 24K. The disk version requires 32K. The two versions are sold together, in one package, for a retail price of $29.95.
Program Design Inc.
95 East Putnam Avenue
Greenwich, CT 06830
(203) 661-8799

    This new game from Broderbund Software puts you against squadrons of menacing sting rays that are streaking down from the sky to attack you. You're doomed to be pestered forever unless you drive these waves of A.E.("rays") out of the solar system, deep into the outer wastelands of space. A.E. is a fast-paced arcade style game with excellent graphics and eight levels of play. Available on disk with 48K. Played with joystick or paddle. Suggested retail price is $34.95.
Broderbund Software Inc.
1938 Fourth St.
San Rafael, CA 94901
(415) 456-6424

Super Mailer
    This mailing program claims to have more features than any other mailing list available. Some of the standard features include creating and adding to the data file, sort by name, zip, or data line, and search on name or data line. Edit, modify, and printing any combination of entries are just a few more of the many standard features this program includes. Some of the Advance features include the merging of files, a wild card search, and the ability to use any printer. The program is written in Basic with machine language subroutines, and is written to be very easy to use. The program requires 48K, Basic, and 1 Disk Drive (2 Drives optional). The suggested retail price of this program is $49.95.
Royal Software
2160 West 11th Avenue
Eugene, Oregon 97402

Thinking Game From Avalon Hill
    Avalon Hill has released a computer version of its popular Facts In Five game. Computer Facts is a game of knowledge which puts players against time and each other. It includes options for solitaire play, doubles play, and party play.
    In each round of the game five subject categories are selected from a list of more than 1000. Five letters are associated with each category, and the players supply answers that start with the designated letters.
    Game difficulty can be controlled, modes for family and education are available. The sand clock timer and scoring system add to the challenge. This new thinking game from Avalon Hill requires 46K and its retail price is $26.
Avalon Hill Game Company
4517 Hartford Road
Baltimore, MD 21214

Air Combat Game
    Wingman is a combat simulator that allows one to four players to fly their fighter jets to defend their own territory while attacking and destroying the territory of the enemy. The game uses split screen techniques to display the battle positions of the two flight formation leaders. Each aircraft can be loaded with bombs, guns, or missiles, depending on the particular combat strategic mission. The winning combat pilots are the flight formation team that has the most net points from both offensive and defensive action.
    The game territory consists of a European ground scenario, constructed randomly with each new game, that is 11 screens wide and contains airfields, fuel dumps, radars, military concentrations, and anti-aircraft guns and missiles.
    Wingman is a action arcade type game that requires strategic combat planning to obtain an Allied victory. This game from MicroProse requires 40K Disk or Cassete and sells for $34.95.
Microprose Software
One Caribou Court
Parkton, Maryland 21120