ROM Computer Magazine Archive ROM MAGAZINE ISSUE 2 — OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 1983 / PAGE 2


    Well we made it. The second issue of R.O.M, is out and we at ROM hope it will be a smashing success. As you can see we've got more color on the cover and hope to add some color to the inside in the issues to come,
    It seems almost everyday that new third party software companies are starting up. The market is beginning to fill up, but there still seems to be room for all these new companies. With the flooding of the market it leaves more room for garbage software to creep in. We at ROM are going to try and show you what software is good and what software isn't worth the disk it is put on,
    I remember about three years ago when most of the software available for the Atari was written in Basic. Then as the years passed, more and more machine language programmers came out of the woodwork. If the program was written in machine, it was a best seller, even if the program wasn't that good, Now with the many machine language programs on the market one must be careful on what he or she should buy.
    Each issue of ROM will contain a machine language game that has arcade quality graphics and sound. We know that there are many Basic programmers trying to get a grasp on what machine language is all about. We're going to give the assembly language listing for each game and a Basic listing for all of you that don't have an assembler and just want to play the game, The machine language game in this issue is called "Titan Lander" and is Lunar Lander Type game for up to four players. Each of our games will try and keep you entertained for hours.
    Another thing that we are starting next issue is disk and cassete subscriptions of ROM, These subscriptions will contain all of the programs in ROM plus a copy of the magazine. We know how frustrating it is to type in a program from a magazine and it doesn't run because of a stupid typing mistake.
    We're encouraging our readers to write us letters and tell us what they think of the magazine and what we could do to improve it. We plan after the third issue to have full color and gloss throughout but that is a little expensive for right now. Also if any of you can write programs in Basic, Assembler, Pascal, or Forth we'd be glad to publish them. We pay well and give bonuses for really excellent programs.
    That seems to be all, so happy programming and so long for now.

P.S. Rumour has it that Alan Alda star of *M*A*S*H* will be doing something else besides being in old reruns, He will be the Bill Cosby of the Atari computer, He will be helping promote the Atari with television commercials, etc, Way da go ATARI!