ROM Computer Magazine Archive ROM MAGAZINE ISSUE 10 — FEBRUARY/MARCH 1985 / PAGE 4


Dear ROM:

    I picked up a copy of the DEC/JAN issue of the magazine at the Atari booth at the Vegas show and was impressed by it.
    I own an 800 and 800XL and after seeing Atari's ST's, I'll own one when they come on to the market. I'm happy to see that Atari is being revived by the the new management, they had me worried for a while, and if they live up to their presentation as shown at the show, it looks like they'll have a great future.
    P.S. Personally, I'd like to say thank you for sticking by the Atari when times looked very dark. A number of magazines did not.

William Vrla
Rochester, NY

Dear William:

    Thank you for that encouragement, and we feel that with Atari's new computers and management, it will once again become a dominating company in the world of personal computers.

Dear ROM:

    The other day, I picked up the seventh issue, and I'd like to say it's great! Immediately, I went out to get the eighth!
    In number 7 it mentioned back issues were available. Please write back telling me how I can order them. I want to get all of them, especially the one with Data Check. Just one more thing! Your getting these compliments from a 12 year old boy with an Atari 800 and 410, and hoping for an Indus Disk Drive.
    Keep up the good work!

Kevin White
Berea, Ohio

Dear Kevin:
    It is very exciting to receive encouraging letters from young people. It tells us that our magazine has a very wide scope - from the young to the old. Also, in the next issue DATA CHECK II will be listed.