ROM Computer Magazine Archive ROM MAGAZINE ISSUE 10 — FEBRUARY/MARCH 1985 / PAGE 4


    Congratulations to all members of the new Atari Organization. Since their assumption of control they have concentrated their efforts on producing a new line of computers that, in terms of scope and quality, promises to be the computer event of the year, and all this at a price that would not have seemed possible. We, at ROM, are very enthusiastic and will be supporting them in every way with news, new product reviews, programs, and tutorials.
    I would like now to mention another item of special interest. Atari, under the guidance of its Director of Publications, Mr. Neil Harris, has commenced production of its own magazine, bearing the name "The Atari Explorer." Released at the Winter CES in Las Vegas, the first issue, replacing the previous magazine-"The Atari Connection"-was primarily devoted to the introduction of the Atari Staff and to a general overview of the new Atari presence. It is a very attractive and interesting magazine which will no doubt become a great success. We, at ROM, wish Mr. Harris and his staff well in this undertaking.
    This issue contains another excellent machine language game by Jack Chung called, "Flight of the Condor. " It combines strategy, luck, and arcade action, thus making a very enjoyable game. In this issue we are starting a column called "Canada's Atari." In it we will look at what is happening with the Atari in Canada and how it affects its users. In this section we have an interview with Michael Riechman from Batteries Included, a Toronto based company that puts out Paperclip, B/Graph, and Homepack for the Atari. If you have any suggestions or ideas that might work for this section, give us a call or write us a letter. We'd very much appreciate it. Other things in this issue include the following: A special write-up on the 1985 Winter Consumers Electronic Show, Atari at the Fair, Jake the Software Dude, Beginner's Line (by Sol Guber, author of Lines of Action in the last issue), Why Buy An ATARI?, a look at the new 16-bit computers, and two tutorials by Bob Cockroft.
    I would like to say one thing about a new BASIC utility that one of our reviewers reviewed in this issue. It is called, `Enhancements to BASIC' and is an excellent buy at $14.95.
    We believe that with your help ROM can become the number one Atari magazine, and we will continue to be supportive to all Atari Users and of their activities. Having in mind the rejuvination of the Atari Organization and its outstanding machines, I know we can all look forward to a computer related future that is both exciting and rewarding.
    We have been amazed at, and ever grateful for the unreserved support that you have all given us so far; we will continue our efforts to be deserving of this generosity.

Bob Cockroft
Acting Editor/Publisher