ROM Computer Magazine Archive ROM MAGAZINE ISSUE 1 — AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 1983 / PAGE 22

Fast Games
By Peter Ellison
Rocklan Corporation
10600 West Higgins Road
Rosemont,Illinois 60018
$35.95 Diskette & Cassete
$49.95 Rom Cartridge

    When I first heard that Roklan was coming out with three games that came from the arcade I was a little skeptical about what the quality would be like. But when I saw 'Wizard of Wor' I knew this company would be around for a while.
    The graphics are nearly as good as the arcade and the play is the very same . If you have never seen or played Wizard of Wor in the arcades I will give you a basic outline of what the game is. This game can be played solitare or head to head with another player(Worrior). There are multiple levels of dungeons in where every maze is different except the 'pit' which is an open area with no maze at all. There are three main combatants in the game. They are; Burwors which are blue,Garwors which are yellow, and Thorwors which are red. The Thorwors are the hardest to hit of the three so their worth the most points.
    There are many of these creatures moving about the maze either trying to run you over or shoot you with their laser. You must try and shoot them with your laser rifle which is your only defense. The Garwors and the Thorwors stay invisible most of the time until they come in the same corridor as yourself. The only way that you can track them is with the small radar which appears on the bottom of the screen. The dungeon maze isn't shown on the radar screen but it is fairly easy to figure out where the creatures are. The creatures appear as either red, yellow or blue squares on the radar screen.
    After shooting all of the creatures a special winged monster called the Worluk flies around the screen with great speed trying to run over any player it sees. The only way it can escape is through one of the two side doors one on either side of the maze. The Worluk doesn't shoot but travels extremely fast. The Worluk is worth a 1000 points plus it doubles the score you make on the next dungeon. When the Worluk is hit the Wizard of Wor may appear hurtling lightning bolts in your direction. The wizard is able to teleport itself to anywhere in the maze at anytime which makes him very hard to hit. If you hit the wizard it is worth 2500 points.
    There are a few extras included in this game, One is by using the space bar the game may be paused. Another is when the game goes into attract mode the screen will give a little demonstration on how to play the game and what the different things on the screen are used for. The amount of Worriors can be choosen each game between 3,5 or 7 worriors. Another excellent feature on the disk version only is the 'Hall of Fame'. You can save the top six scores of all time to the disk each time a high score is made, by removing the write protect tab on the disk.

Wizard of Wor screens

    The game is very easy to play but difficult to master. The play is fast and furious and is easy to understand what you must do, Survive!
    It is very challenging because every level is a different maze, making every game different. Also you never know when the Wizard of Wor is going to show up.
    Graphics on a computer enhances any game. The graphics in this game are great. The players move quickly and the missiles fire smoothly.
    The sounds created for this game are nearly identical to the arcade, except one thing; the wizard doesn't talk. This could have been done but was probably to much trouble.
    Reading through the rules is very interesting because it presents a storybook approach telling you what each of the characters in the game are. The pictures in the instruction guide are good and accurate making the game easy to understand if never played.
    My overall rating of Wizard of Wor is: The game is an excellent home version of the arcade game and is well worth the money.
Wizard of Wor
Overall Rating-8.8