ROM Computer Magazine Archive ROM MAGAZINE ISSUE 1 — AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 1983 / PAGE 23

Broderbund Software,Inc
1938 Fourth Street, San Rafeal,
California 94901
$29.95 diskette;32K

    This game by Broderbund Software is done in hi-res graphics with a very original theme. This game was translated from the Apple to the Atari.
    The game starts out where you are driving a car(souped up '86 Pierce Apple) around a small railway yard somewhere between Elizabeth, New Jersey and Johannesburg. Your object on the first level of play is to bash your car through the sides of the box cars and steal the gold from the train. The train continues to drive around the well constructed maze of tracks. If your car tries to bash through an empty boxcar(green) or the train engine(red) your car is immediately destroyed. You begin with only three lives which makes it very difficult. Once you steal the gold you must drive your car back to your storage compartment. While you're trying to steal gold from the train the old phantom watchman in his '52 De Soto is trying to ram his car into yours. He is very good at doing this, believe me.
    To get to the second level you have to at least have one piece of gold in your storage compartment. When the train is coming down the left track and your car is moving along the side of it push your button and the new screen is loaded in. Here you're a little man running on the top of the train. The graphics are fantastic as you use your joystick to either jump down to the next box car or jump up. You actually see your little man do a flip as he jumps up to a boxcar. If you push the joystick for your little man to jump to soon or to late the man will fall crashing down to the track where he is run over returning you to level one missing one life.
    If you're fortunate enough to jump all the boxcars and make it to the engine you are now promoted to train engineer and the third level. You now drive the train down the tracks and try to pick up all of the gold. While you're doing this the phantom car is driving around trying to stop you. If it crashes into you, you lose one life and you return back to level one losing all the points that you earn on level two and three. To return to level one without losing any points or lives steer the train down the right side of the track and push the red button. If you pick up all the gold and return to level one you receive a free man.
    One thing about the playability of Track Attack is the game forces you to have another game, meaning it is very addicting. Its very hard after you finish a few games to turn the computer off and walk away.
    The game is challenging but can be mastered for those very determined arcaders. The reason for this is because there are only three levels of play.
    The graphics in this game are great. The second level of this game are really impressive. The movement of the little man is smooth and the train is very colorful with fine details.
    One very poor thing about this game is the sound. All the sound that is heard when starting is the sound of a train chugging along. When you steal gold you hear a little bang and then when the gold is deposited there is a ding. Also when the train loads up with gold you hear a whistle. What Broderbund should have had going during the game was the sound of the car and maybe some music in the background. I say if you have the potential why don't you use it to the max. Sound is a problem when a game is transferred from an Apple II.
    The documentation isn't long but is clear and to the point. It tells you the setting and what must be done on each level and how to advance to each level.
    My overall rating for Track Attack is: Its a good change from all those 'shoot-em-up' games and is a game worth getting.
Track_ Attack
Overall Rating-8.2

Track Attack screen  Track Attack screen

Track attack screen  Track attack screen