ROM Computer Magazine Archive ROM MAGAZINE ISSUE 1 — AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 1983 / PAGE 26

New Products

Airstrike Game
    English software announces the release of  Airstrike. Available on 16K cassete and disk, Airstrike provides arcade realism which demands a high level of skill from the player in a fast shoot-out scenario.
    Game features include: superb fine-scrolling graphics; top-notch color; multiple skill levels(each denoted by a  different playfield); 100% machine language program; one or two player option. The suggested retail price is $39.95,
English Software Company
934 Hermosa Avenue
Suite 13, Sandcastle Plaza
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

New Product from K-Byte
    K-Star Patrol is a game which has space ships confronting alien attack ships and an intergalactic leech. The package, with graphics, contains one ROM catridge and a 12-page, full-color instruction booklet with complete rules of the game. For more information on K-Star Patrol (Model No. ATR1002) and other computer games and products, contact.
Division of Kay Enterprises Co.
1705 Austin Street
Troy, MI 45084

Two New Catridge games from Broderbund
    The first of the two is Choplifter. With realistic throttle action you manuever a daredevil rescue chopper. You fight off enemy jet fighters and air mines above, and tank fire and air-to-ground missiles below, to rescue hostages held behind the lines and bring them out alive. On 16K Cartridge the suggested retail price is $44.95.
    The second game is called Serpentine. Giant serpents set forth to slay their slithery cousins. To add to the fun, the snakes lay eggs and fight ferociously to protect their young! A fast arcade-style game with five maze configurations and many levels of play. On 16K Cartridge the suggested retail price is $39.95.
    Both these packages can be purchased from:
Broderbund Software Inc.
1938 Fourth Street
San Rafeal, CA 94901

New Keyboard for Atari 400
    The 800-style keyboard mounts on the Atari 400, replacing the membrane keyboard. Joytyper-400 plugs into the computer-no soldering required. The metal case mounts with adhesive pads, is painted Atari beige, and has a slim -appearance, It has a suggested retail price of $129.95.
P.O. BOX 8894
Fort Collins,CO 80525

Inventory Control
    ACR=A Point of sale program & Cash register. Record sales and control inventory with this program designed for a small business. Sales transactions produce a receipt or invoice for the customer, a record for you, and data track 300 inventory items(700, with 48K). Program will give daily, monthly and year-to-date reports. Suggested retail price is $199.95.
955 Green Court.
Westminster, CO 80030
32K or 48K-Diskette
Printer required

Color Accountant
    This program can take care of compete checkbook maintenance, chart of accounts maintenance, Income./Expense Accounts, and much, much more. You can graph any file, record bills and appointments, make decisions, print a mailing list, analyze various accounts or stocks, and even calculate taxes. The suggested retail price for this package is $74.95 24K cassete and $79.95 32K diskette.
The Programmer's Institute
P.O. BOX 3191, Dept, T
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

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