ROM Computer Magazine Archive ROM MAGAZINE ISSUE 1 — AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 1983 / PAGE 2

By Peter Ellison
    As you picked up this magazine you probably said to yourself, " R.O.M., I thought that stood for 'Read only memory' ". It does but we at ROM have given the initials a different meaning. For the magazine it means,'Read over & Memorize'. We don't really mean that but we hope that all you Atarians will make this magazine a habit. If you look in the front cover you will notice the magazine was printed in Canada. That is correct, we're a Canadian magazine and we hope we can serve both the Canadians and Americans alike.
    Each issue will be out every second month and then we hope to move to every month if we get enough reader support. This magazine will help you become a more capable programmer. Each issue will contain an assembly language program which will deal with learning to use it in a very effeciant way. Also there will be a beginning page for those who need help in getting started. Another section called 'The yellow brick road' will be devoted to giving memory locations and tables that can be used as reference sheets. Also 'Jumping Forth' will be a regular article that will deal with programming in the new language of forth. Each issue will also contain new products reviewed and ones that will be out in the near future.
    Let me say a little about myself. I have had an Atari 800 since the old days when there was no GTIA chip and the only software out was Star Raiders. I've survived over the past few years but its been tough for all us devoted to this wonderful machine. I nearly bought the Apple II because of all the software for it, but my friend, who bought an Atari 800 just before I did, convinced me that in a few years the Atari would have lots of software. I believed him and he was right. Bob, the fellow who convinced me to buy the Atari, is with us and will be doing regular Assembly Language articles for all you beginning and advanced programmers.
    In closing I'd like to say that we at ROM Inc. need lots of help so if you have any suggestions, comments, or programs please send them in and you won't go unrewarded.

So long for now,