Classic Computer Magazine Archive Index of Antic articles by Steve Panak

Antic Vol. 3 No. 10 - February 1985 - Money Mastery

  • 8-Bit Product Reviews Archon II: Adept, Bridgepro, Tink's Adventure, TUK Goes To Town, Stealth, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sams Atari Photofacts, XL Boss by Steve Panak, Harvey Bernstein, Anita Malnig, Jack Powell, Edward Bever, Scott Schrader, Thomas Rainbow

Antic Vol. 6 No. 11 - March 1988 - Video Game Shootout

  • ST Games Gallery Empire, Super Huey, Breach by John Kintz, Steve Panak, Harvey Bernstein

Antic Vol. 6 No. 12 - April 1988 - Desktop Video

Antic Vol. 7 No. 1 - May 1988 - Sixth Anniversary

Antic Vol. 7 No. 4 - August 1988 - Atari Home Turn-On

  • ST Games Gallery Gunship, Gone Fishin', GFL Football, Alien Fires by John Manor, Steve Panak, Scot Tumlin

Antic Vol. 7 No. 5 - September 1988 - Atari Goes Hollywood

  • ST Games Gallery Blockbuster, Ultima IV, Club Backgammon, Jinxter by Steve Panak, David Plotkin, Jim Pierson-Perry

Antic Vol. 7 No. 6 - October 1988 - Atari Grand Slam

Antic Vol. 7 No. 7 - November 1988 - Atari Brain Surgery

Antic Vol. 7 No. 8 - December 1988 - Best of 1988

  • 8-Bit Product Reviews Blue Team Bridge, Colossus Chess by Steve Panak
  • ST Games Gallery Speed Buggy, Death Sword, Global Commander, Black Lamp, Metrocross, Scrabble by John Manor, David Plotkin, Steve Panak

Antic Vol. 7 No. 9 - January 1989 - Atari 8-Bit Treasure Guide

  • 8-Bit Product Reviews Bismarck, The Judge, Jumpstart Module, Enhancement Disk, SPI Gaming Language by Steve Panak, Charles Cherry
  • Rockford: The Arcade Game ST vs. PC review by Steve Panak
  • ST Games Gallery Virus, Final Assault, Strip Poker II, Space Cutter, Fire and Forget and Warlock by Wolf Griffey, Rick Teverbaugh, Steve Panak, David Plotkin

Antic Vol. 7 No. 10 - February 1989 - Programming Power

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Following Vol. 9 No. 2, Antic continued as a special section in STart magazine. Click here for an index of Antic section articles in STart.

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