Classic Computer Magazine Archive CREATIVE COMPUTING VIDEO & ARCADE GAMES VOL. 1, NO. 2 / FALL 1983 / PAGE 5



The response to our first issue has been overwhelming; the letters and phone calls keep coming in at a tremendous rate. If you haven't received a reply to your letter it is because we have received thousands of pieces of mail and we can't possibly respond personally to each and every one. Our ears, however, have not been deaf to your suggestions and comments. This second issue was written and designed with you in mind.

The feature article for this issue is the exclusive coverage of the Gamester of the Year Contest. The savage confrontation involves two of the most notorious gamers of the century: Dave Ahl, our publisher, and Ken Uston, card shark and video game master. The summer Olympics are small change in comparison to this breath-taking event.

You asked for it, you got it. For those of you who want to see how your scores measure up to those of the champions, take a look at our greatly expanded high score charts. In addition to the scores, we have a special feedback article in which we reveal facts about you, the typical reader. The results may surprise you.

Arm yourself with a roll of quarters and then dive into the coin-op arcade game section of the magazine. Steve Arrants, a new associate editor, has done fabulous job of covering the recent Amusement Operators Expo. He has the inside scoop on the top 10 arcade games that you will be playing in the months to come.

So you say that you like Q*Bert but you just can't seem to get the hang of it? Check out the winning patterns devised by William Brohaugh. If they don't do it for you, nothing will. While we had Ken Uston in our clutches, we talked him into doing a piece on how to master Super Pac-Man. As you probably-know, Ken is the author of the bestselling Signet paperback, "Mastering Pac-Man. " Also in this issue is my probing look at the winning strategies for Joust, the ever-popular game from Williams.

Martha Koppin is back with an extensive Atari VCS games roundup--over 15 games covered! If setting high scores is your game, then flip to the articles on how to master such hits as River Raid, Fast Eddie, and Defender. Don't overlook the special sneak preview of Robotank, Activision's best yet. Behind every good man there is a great woman, and the story on Ms. Pac-Man is testimony to that. Don't feel bad if you don't own an Atari. If you have an Intellivision, Odyssey or Vectrex, there are plenty of interesting articles to be found between the covers of this magazine.

Computer buffs are in for a special treat this issue as John Anderson highlights the best of the video pinball games. This is required reading for anyone who has ever touched a set of flipper buttons. John also has the best dam patterns for mastering Miner 2049er on the Atari 400/800. We really pushed ourselves to the limit to bring you reviews of the best games available for the most popular home computer systems. Our staff of writers spent many a long afternoon "reviewing" game after game. Some call it play, others call it work.

In the self-contained section, Dave Ahl has the most complete coverage of pocket games ever printed in a video game magazine. If you are looking for a gadget to sneak into a classroom or an executive board meeting, Dave offers quite a selection for you to choose from. As a complement to Martha Koppin's piece on mastering Atari Othello, Dave has written about Gabriel's self-contained Computer Othello. You'll flip over this one. Lastly, Betsy Staples takes a look at Turtles, the game from Entex that is taking the country by storm.

That about wraps it up. We hope that you enjoy this issue of Video & Arcade Games. As you are reading this, we are hard at work dropping quarters, twitching joysticks, pounding buttons, and tapping away at keyboards to bring you the next issue of the magazine.

Until we meet again, may your aim be true and your firing button always ready.

The editors of V&AG would like to thank the following for their cooperation.
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