Classic Computer Magazine Archive CREATIVE COMPUTING VOL. 9, NO. 9 / SEPTEMBER 1983 / PAGE 64

No more hot CoCo. (fan evaluation) Owen W. Linzmayer.

"Aaaaarrgh," I shouted after finding my Color Computer in a state of irrevocable rigor mortis. I had just spent hours at the keyboard typing an important document and the darn computer died on me. I soon found the cause of the crashed system: the heat generated by the computer had triggered a malfunction which locked up the keyboard. Something obviously had to be done. Thank goodness for CoCo-Cooler, a cooling fan from Rem Industries.

Even during normal operations, the large transformer inside of the Color Computer gives off a great deal of heat. If you leave the power on for any length of time, say an hour, the case of the computer becomes quite hot to the touch. This increase in temperature is not healthy for the delicate electronic components inside the Color Computer. the CoCo-Cooler remedies this situation for under $40.

Molded out of high-impact black plastic, the CoCo-Cooler attaches to the Color Computer on top of the vent holes in the left rear corner of the case. Installation of the unit is so simple that even the least technically inclined user should be able to accomplish it without a hitch.

After taking the CoCo-Cooler out of its box, you remove the protective paper from the adhesive tape and firmly press the unit onto the side of the computer casing. That's it. Once positioned correctly, the fan is held in place by the thin strips of adhesive.

Although the unit is not the same color as the computer, it does not look out of place on the system as it is designed to fit snugly on the cse. The CoCo-Cooler has its own rubber support feet so no additional stress is placed on the computer housing itself.

The Cooler has an independent on/off button located to the rear of the unit which means that you can shut off the fan but continue to use the computer. The fan does not draw current from the computer, instead it has a separate seven-foot power cord.

When operating, the CoCo-Cooler makes very little noise. If you turn on the unit when you turn on the computer, you will notice that the case never becomes the slightest bit warm. On the other hand, if the computer starts to heat up and you then turn on the fan, the machine is cooled to a satisfactory temperature within minutes. Not only is the power transformer cooled, the entire computer enjoys the soothing benefits of the powerful little fan.

If you see your Color Computer for serious functions such as word processing, programming, or setting high game scores, you should invest in a CoCo-Cooler. The reasonable price of $39.95 may save you from your next system crash and save wear and tear on your nevers at the same time.

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