Classic Computer Magazine Archive CREATIVE COMPUTING VOL. 9, NO. 9 / SEPTEMBER 1983 / PAGE 294

IBM images. (column) Susan Glinert-Cole.

The greater proportion of my mail in the last few weeks is from readers who were delighted to see someone finally bring the UCSD p-System out of its modest, and undeserved, obscurity. I was equally pleased to receive them, since a friend of mine, whose charm is only slightly inferior to my own, remarked that IBM PC owners just don't use the p-System. It gave me great pleasure to see that, once in a very long while, he does mispeak.

I had planned to include something in every "Images" about it, but there are so many other items which get in the queue that this may not always happen. It didn't happen this month, but next month may, if I stay on top of the piles on my floor, delight the hearts of the letter writers, as I have some information on 8087 support and the p-System. This month's column is about books, assembly language, and Basic.