Classic Computer Magazine Archive CREATIVE COMPUTING VOL. 9, NO. 8 / AUGUST 1983 / PAGE 247

Practical data base management. (book reviews) Steve Gray.

Practical Data Base Management

Contributors to the "Auerbach Data Base Management Series' are the "authors' of this book, written "to provide an easy-to-read, organized guide to the practical issues of planning, designing, and implementing data-base-supported information systems,' according to the preface.

The 23 chapters are divided into five parts: databases, database management systems, data dictionary/directory systems, database base administration, and user system interfaces.

With its emphasis on the practical, the book examines areas such as management issues in planning ("A tendency exists to tackle problems that take a long time to correct.'), the database management system ("The requirements for the DBMS are significantly different from those the vendors have supplied to date.'), the impact of personal privacy requirements on database administration ("Individuals should be able to inspect the personal information maintained on them and correct it if it can be demonstrated to be in error.'), and many more.

Although geared to managers responsible for the planning, design, implementation and maintenance of a database environment, this book, by omitting overly technical detail, and by being written clearly and concisely, offers much worthwhile information to anyone wanting to understand databases and how to manage them.

Review Grade: B