Classic Computer Magazine Archive CREATIVE COMPUTING VOL. 9, NO. 8 / AUGUST 1983 / PAGE 245

Introduction to microcomputing. (book reviews) Steve Gray.

Introduction to Microcomputing

This introductory text, which assumes no prior knoweldge of computers, electronics or engineering, concentrates on the 6800 microprocessor "so that readers can gain in-depth working knowledge from a single concrete model,' the back cover says.

Designed to be used as a first-or second-year college textbook, or as a supplement to more advanced courses, or a self-teaching manual, or a quick reference for those familiar with the field, this book emphasizes applications over arithmetic. Many inchapter worked examples reinforce each topic. Review questions are at the end of every chapter; later ones include suggestions for programming applications.

The 14 chapters cover an introduction, Number Codes, Nonnumerical Computer Codes, Using the 6800's Instruction Set, Introducing the PIA, Aids to Program Writing (algorithms, flowcharts, assembler), Arithmetic Operations, Decisions, Loops, Tables and Lists, Subroutines, Interrupts, Serial I/O, and Introduction to System Configuration. Four appendixes provide the 6800 instruction set (86 pages), M6800 Cross Assembler Reference Manual (38 pages), answers to some of the exercises (the rest are in the Instructor's Manual), and Some Characteristics of the MC68000 16-Bit Microprocessor (52 pages). Over 30 percent of the book is appendixes; the text itself is only 399 pages long.

The writing is simple and straightforward, the coverage thorough, and the book well worth the reading for those who want a good introduction to microcomputers.

Review Grade: B