Classic Computer Magazine Archive CREATIVE COMPUTING VOL. 9, NO. 4 / APRIL 1983 / PAGE 176

Kids and the Apple. (book reviews)

Kids And The Apple

Kids And The Apple by Edward H. Carlson. Modesty prevents me presenting a subjective description of the book. Intended for use at home by children aged 10 through 14, it can also be used in classroom teaching. It has over 200 pages and 100 cartoons and treats about 50 Basic commands. There are 33 lessons. Each is preceded by one page of Instructor Notes which outlines the concepts being taught, lists some pitfalls in the subject, and gives some short quiz questions to be used when the lesson has been studied by the student. Each lesson describes the material in language at about the fifth or sixth grade level and has several assignments at the end. For each assignment there is a solution in the back of the book. Some of the solutions were done by children who tried out the book in manuscript form. Published by Datamost in 1982, it is spiral bound to lie flat at the work station.

Review Grade: A