Classic Computer Magazine Archive CREATIVE COMPUTING VOL. 9, NO. 3 / MARCH 1983 / PAGE 302

The guide to DP training courses. (book reviews) Steve Gray.

The Guide to DP Training Courses: Descriptions of Over 300 Programs and Workshops

According to the accompanying letter, this "unique reference book' will "enable DP managers and trainers to compare costs, content and objectives for hundreds of training programs.'

More than 350 training courses, seminars and workshops are divided into nine major areas, such as applications, programming, systems analysis, systems design, databases, management skills, and others. Each page-long description includes information on audience (such as "beginning programmers'), course objectives (such as "understand database calls, code IMS batch programs'), course topics, delivery system (length of course, number of participants, hours per day), cost, and contact.

Two indexes are provided, one by subject, the other by vendor. Also included is a list of additional vendors offering courses about which information wasn't received in time for this volume; many of them will be included in the two supplements.

The mix includes a great variety, such as database fundamentals, VASM for Cobol programmers, DP project management structured test plans, RDOS system programming, digital PABX, personal computers for business, active listening skills, and computer auditing, to pick one from each of the nine sections of the book.

This may be the only publication of its kind, and although it obviously can get out of date quickly, seems well worth the money if you are looking for information on DP training courses.

Review Grade: A