Classic Computer Magazine Archive CREATIVE COMPUTING VOL. 9, NO. 3 / MARCH 1983 / PAGE 302

Don't (or how to care for your computer). (book reviews) Steve Gray.

DON'T (Or How to Care For Your Computer)

This may indeed be, as the press release claims, the first book that "explains how to handle and maintain all components of a computer system: the computer proper, the CRT display, the diskettes, the printer, the magnetic tapes.'

Since such information, at the personal computer level, could hardly fill 232 pages, much of the book is taken up with describing what computers and peripherals are, and how they work. After a very general chapter on computer care, and another that gives a fast run-through on what a computer system is, we learn how to treat floppy disks with tender loving care, in 36 detailed pages that cover just about every-thing on the subject.

Then we learn what (and what not) to do with hard disks, the computer, CRT, printer, and tape units, with detailed information on preventing damage, cleaning, temperature and power problems, maintenance, etc. The last few chapters are more general, on the computer room (floor planning, electrical power, fire protection, etc.), software, documentation, security, and help (maintenance). An appendix lists tape and disk manufacturers.

Much of the information is of the common-sense type, but of course many of us are sometimes guilty of ignoring some of the simplest rules. Most computerniks can learn much from this book, especially those just getting into disk drives. The chapter on floppy disks alone may well be worth the $11.95 to those who might easily cause expensive damage to their drives without even half-trying.

The writing is simple and direct, and the book provides much useful information in addition to the how-to-care-for details.

Review Grade: A