Classic Computer Magazine Archive CREATIVE COMPUTING VOL. 9, NO. 2 / FEBRUARY 1983 / PAGE 306

VisiCalc home and office companion. (book reviews)

VisiCalc Home and Office Companion, by David M. Castlewitz and Lawrence J. Chisausky with Patricia Kronbery. Osbrone/McGraw-Hill, Berkeley, CA. 186 pages, paperback $15.99. 1982.

The "companion" consists of 50 VisiCalc models, each offering a short description, sample printed reports, and a listing. Five of the seven categories are for business: Loans and Investments (bond portfolio, promissory notes, rental property), General Business (break-even point, cash-flow analysis, financial schedules), Inventory Control Control (EOQ, value analysis, financial schedules), Inventory Control (EOQ, value of inventory, in-stock position), Advertising and Sales (retail mark-up, seasonal index, survey results, etc.), and Personnel and Departments (mini-payroll worksheet, time sheet, client survey, etc.).

Two categories provide personal models: Personal Finance (home inventory and personal-possessions evaluation, net worth statement, collector's values), and Household Aids (events scheduling, vacation tour planner, paint a room). All 50 models are "designed to accommodate most computers and all versions of the VisiCalc program," the back cover says.

As usual with nearly all Osborne/McGraw-Hill books, this one is very handsomely produced, with neat layouts, easily readable reports, and very careful attention to detail. One slight problem: some of the program listings are a little faint, but can be read if you per closely enogh. The book is enlivened with occasional semi-cartoon drawings that help relieve what would otherwise be a bookful of type and printouts; they are among the best illustrations to be found in any computer-related book, and are by L.D. Chukman.

Once more, Osborne/McGraw-Hill has generated a fine book, and although very few readers will find a use for all 50 programs, anybody who has VisiCalc should take a good look at this "companion."

Review Grade: B