Classic Computer Magazine Archive CREATIVE COMPUTING VOL. 9, NO. 10 / OCTOBER 1983 / PAGE 323

Assembly language graphics for the TRS-80 color computer. (book reviews) Stephen Gray.

Assembly Language Graphics for the TRS-80 Color Computer, by Don Inman and Kurt Inman. Reston Publishing Co., a Prentice-Hall Co., Reston, VA. 288 pages, hardcover $16.95; paperback $14.95. 1983.

Once you've thoroughly understood Inman's book, TRS-80 Color Computer Graphics (Reston), you might want to see "how an assembler can be used to perform feats that would be quite difficult, if not impossible, in Basic language. Rather than introduce machine and assembly languages through a mathematical approach, we have chosen sound and graphics as the vehicle for learning," the preface says.

After an introduction to machine language, the book looks at Sound, Editing, Color Graphics, Animation, Sound and Graphics, Joystick Animation, Text, Graphics with Text, and Vistas Beyond (mostly on making your own PROMs and machine language tapes). Each chapter ends with a summary and test; answers are provided for the odd numbered test exercises. The authors use and recommend the CBUG machine language monitor and SDS80C Software Development System from The Micro Works (Del Mar, CA).

Rather than merely presenting assembly language programs to be keyed in and run, the authors explain the meaning of all the instructions, with many examples, in a very clearly written text intended for hands-on use.

Assembler is not an easy language for most Color Computer users who know only Basic, but this text is one of the very best (and very few) to explain it as simply as possible.

Review Grade: A