Classic Computer Magazine Archive CREATIVE COMPUTING VOL. 11, NO. 9 / SEPTEMBER 1985 / PAGE 83

Mach 5 Enhancement. (evaluation)

This combination ROM cartridge and disk consists of three components: a fast loader cartridge, a disk module that adds 4K to the Basic workspace, and a disk organize program.

The fast load component is the most significant of the package, allowing programs to load from the 1541 drive up to five times faster than they do without the Mach 5 enhancement. The cart is completely transparent and does not disturb the contents of RAM. It works automatically and loads all popular software, protected or not. It includes 15 macros that allow single keystroke program loading, print commands, screen dumps, and non-volatile disk directories.

The Basic module makes an additional 4096 bytes available for Basic programming. It runs as a program itself, automatically installing the extra addresses to memory. The Mach 5 module is automatically disengaged when the Basic module is run.

The disk organizer module is a disk management program that allows you to catalog your disks and save the information to a master data disk. It works optimally on a dual disk system, but will run in a single disk configuration. Each time you add a new disk to your library, you can add its directory to the catalog data and sort those catalogs as you see fit.

While the disk components of the Mach 5 enhancement packages will be of utility to some users, it is the Mach 5 quick load ROM itself that makes the package extremely worthwhile.

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