Classic Computer Magazine Archive CREATIVE COMPUTING VOL. 11, NO. 9 / SEPTEMBER 1985 / PAGE 12

The book of adventure games. (book reviews) Russ Lockwood.

Sooner of later, every adventurer will be baffled by a puzzle, lost in a maze, and just completely stymied. Usually, this happens at 3:00 a.m., a time when most sane people are in bed. But the lure of the treasure and the challenge of the encounter spur them on--until utter frustration sets in.

If you have been in this situation, by all means take a close look at The Book of Adventure Games. In its third printing, the book details the secrets of 77 adventure games, including hints, maps, and treasure listings.

All your favorites are here, from Original Adventure through Infocom's Zork III. The clues seem accurate and provide enough information to set you on course.

Of course, recent adventure games like Infocom's Wishbringer, the Telarium line, the Synapse Electronic Novel line, and the Bantam Living Literature line are not in the book. However, if you need help with a pre-1984 adventure game, The Book of Adventure Games just might be your salvation.

Review Grade: A