Classic Computer Magazine Archive CREATIVE COMPUTING VOL. 11, NO. 8 / AUGUST 1985 / PAGE 73

Executive Filer. (evaluation)

Executive Filer, a filing program from Paperback Software, boasts a multitude of features and an easy-to-use format that will have you cataloging information minutes after removing the disk from its packing.

Unlike a database management system, which forces you to define specific fields of information, filing programs allow you to place information anywhere on an electronic equivalent of a 3"X5" card. This "card" is then named with several keywords. The tradeoff for this ease of use is overall power, accuracy, and versatility. However, for all but the most demanding professional use, filing programs are more than enough to catalog collections, assemble references, and maintain address files.

Executive Filer uses the card-drawer-cabinet motif so popular in filing systems. Several cards make up a drawer and several drawers make up a cabinet. Finding information consists of opening a cabinet, pulling out a drawer, and sorting through the cards using specific keywords, up to 10 of which can be assigned per card. Note that while hundreds of keywords are allowed, their number is nonetheless finite. The menu-driven procedure is fast and leaves little room for confusion.

Each card holds up to 8000 characters (about 1500 words), and you can stuff up to 64,000 cards into one cabinet--if you do not exhaust disk space first. A cabinet holds up to eight drawers.

Better yet, you can integrate Executive Filer into Executive Writer. Information is transferred between the two in either direction with a few keystrokes. Pairing the two programs also creates a simple mail merge feature.

Executive Filer will store and display graphics (if your IBM PC has a graphics board). Macros, editing of cards, adding and deleting keywords, and logical operators (AND, OR, and NOT) are features you will find in this marvelous program.

The organized and complete documentation complements the on-screen help, so we predict most filers will never need to use Paperback's pay-as-you-call customer service. Replacement disks are $5.

Executive Filer is a good, clean, straightforward filing system. While it certainly will not displace dBase II/III, Rbase: 500, InfoStar+, or any other high-powered database management systems, it can hold its own against other electronic card filing systems. And the Adam Osborne price aims to please.

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