Classic Computer Magazine Archive CREATIVE COMPUTING VOL. 11, NO. 8 / AUGUST 1985 / PAGE 69

The Newsroom. (evaluation)

Combining word processing with an extensive library of clip art, The Newsroom is a kpagination system for creating fledgling newspaper pages in a series of panels that are combined into standard or legal-sized editions during printout.

Writing, editing, are reproduction, and layout take place on a menu-driven screen, and a "wire servicc" feature allows storeies to be transmitted by modem-equipped computers. Built into the software is the ability to send and receive text from usually incompatible systems such as IBM PC, PCjr, Apple II, and C64 computers.

Art and text can be moved around the page to create the layout, with text automatically wrapping around the art whenever desired.

A separate program disk holds more than 600 cartoon-style drawings. However, the graphics stored on disk are pre-sized--some small, some large; thus, the versatility is somewhat limited.

The major drawbacks to this otherwise well-conceived program are its bland, unresponsive menu and the absence of examples. Before the first page can roll of the printer, you must enter the text, create the banner, write the heads, transfer the art, and solvke the layout scheme. A sample page on-screen would be a big help to first-time users.

Although Springboard stresses the potential of The Newsroom as an educational tool through high school, its level of sophistication may be better suited for upper elementary to junior high school students. Clubs, churches, and some businesses also will find The Newsroom useful for publishing simple newsletters, bulletins, and advertisements.

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