Classic Computer Magazine Archive CREATIVE COMPUTING VOL. 11, NO. 8 / AUGUST 1985 / PAGE 21

Programming languages: featuring the IBM PC and compatibles. (book reviews) Russ Lockwood.

This comprehensive guide to the major microcomputer programming languages holds a cornucopia of information. It dissects 13 languages--Basic, Fortran, C, Cobol, RatBas, Pascal, Modula 2, Ada, APL, Forth, Lisp, dBase II, and Assembly--and points out the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Steigler and Hansen use the same format and criteria to evaluate each language. They start with the history of a language, delve into its features, discuss the type of application best suited to it, provide references, and finish with a listing of a program called Racetrack. They concentrate on program complexity, modularization, abstraction, and general problems associated with large programs. Throughout, the emphasis is on what makes a language unique and how a particular language matches up with your application requirements.

Although geared for the IBM PC, the same fundamental ideas and features carry over to other computers as well. For the programmer in search of a programming language, we can think of no better title to recommend than Programming Languages.

Review Grade: A