Classic Computer Magazine Archive CREATIVE COMPUTING VOL. 11, NO. 8 / AUGUST 1985 / PAGE 21

Local area networks: an introduction to the technology. (book reviews) Russ Lockwood.

The local network (LAN) market is booming as more and more companies discover the convenience of linking microcomputers together. However, the road to productivity riches traverses difficult ground, and DP/MIS managers may find themselves lost amidst technical sales hype.

Enter Local Area Networks, the book. This introductory text presents the concepts behind LANs without overwhelming the reader with technical specifications and equations. It provides an overview of how LANs share programs and peripherals and covers such topics as cost effectiveness, installation, operation, expansion, and maintenance.

John E. McNamara, a consulting engineer for Digital Equipment Corp., brings order to the complex subject of LANs. His clear writing style and obvious expertise make Local Area Networks a must-red book for the manager in search of a LAN.

Review Grade: A