Classic Computer Magazine Archive CREATIVE COMPUTING VOL. 11, NO. 8 / AUGUST 1985 / PAGE 21

Commodore64 micro mansion. (book reviews) Russ Lockwood.

David B. Bonynge explains how to use your Commodore 64 to control lighting, heating, cooling, security, and other electrical systems in and around your home. He discusses the equipment you need, explains installation procedures, and describes how to operate the system.

In theory, the idea of computerized home control captures our fancy. In practice, we may find that ideal control entails a lot of practical time and effort.

Indeed, the instructions seem straightforward enough. However, after reading that "Lisa and Fred" took three weeks to complete "much of the wiring," used crawl spaces and laundry chutes, and then spent at least an entire weekend installing the real hardware, we start to wonder.

If computerized home control appeals to you and you possess some electrical aptitude, take a close look at Commodore 64 Micro Mansion. The idea is viable, the potential for saving enormous, and the book is interesting and informative. Versions are also available for the Apple II and the IBM PC.

Review Grade: B