Classic Computer Magazine Archive CREATIVE COMPUTING VOL. 11, NO. 6 / JUNE 1985 / PAGE 16

The portable computer book. (book reviews) Russ Lockwood.

The Portable Computer Book

The Portable Computer Book describes just about everything you can buy in the microcomputer marketplace --from hardware to software to telecommunications service. Computing neophytes will get a solid general introduction to computers.

However, knowledgeable users, presumably the main target of portable computer marketing, will find most of the information repetitious. The one saving grace of the book is the exhaustive capsule descriptions and reviews of just about every lap, notebook, portable, and transportable computer system. Another bright spot in an otherwise stale script is the chapter on hardware and software compatibility, a prime concern of potential portable computer buyers.

Frankly, Creative Computing has covered all of the big name machines and many of the not-so-big-name machines. If this is your first issue of Creative Computing and you have just heard of portable computers, you may want to pick this book up. Otherwise, leave it on the shelf.

Review Grade: C