Classic Computer Magazine Archive CREATIVE COMPUTING VOL. 11, NO. 11 / NOVEMBER 1985 / PAGE 52

ClickOn Worksheet.

If you are interested in integrated software, but are unwilling to pay hundreds of dollars for it, ClickOn Worksheet could be the product for you. This new offering from T/Maker Graphics is a spreadsheet and graphics program that resides under the apple on the Mac menu bar, which means it can be accessed like a desk accessory.

It is simple to install and use. For example, you can install the ClikOn Worksheet on a MacWrite disk by simply moving an icon over to the disk and opening it. Once installed, you can start the program from the accessories menu while you are running MacWrite. Thus, you have an integrated word processor, spreadsheet, and graphics program.

The spreadsheet is small but useful with 50 rows and 20 columns. Though it lacks some of the features of a full-blown product like Multiplan, it includes the functions that are used most often. One feature that might annoy users: calculations are not automatic and must always be invoked from either the menu or the keyboard. On the plus side, 12 popular worksheet overlays are included with the package.

The graphics feature lets you create pie, line, bar, and stacked bar charts from the information on the spreadsheet. You can also create titles and legends. Moving either a graph or data from the spreadsheet into a MacWrite document is done using Copy and Paste commands. Once a graph is moved to MacWrite, its size can be changed.

The biggest problem I had with the program was that it couldn't be easily installed on a Microsoft Word disk for lack of disk space. I essentially solved the problem by removing the System Folder, installing the ClickOn Worksheet, trashing the install program, and then replacing the System Folder. Hard disk users would not encounter this problem. Another problem may arise for 128K Mac users, who may run out of space while building a worksheet.

ClickOn Worksheet can be used with any program--not just a word processor. For example, if you use it in conjunction with MacPaint, you can customize any graphs created from the worksheet data.

At a price of $79.95, I think ClickOn Worksheet is well worth the money--even if you have a more powerful spreadsheet. The integration of word processing, spreadsheet, and graphics just can't be beat for saving time on those small jobs we all encounter from time to time.

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