Classic Computer Magazine Archive CREATIVE COMPUTING VOL. 10, NO. 7 / JULY 1984 / PAGE 207

Through the micro maze. (book reviews)

A general book that i think is one of the best introductions to what computers are all about is called Through the Micro Maze written by Wayne Creekmore and published by Ashton-Tate. At first glance, $9.95 for a thin, 64-page, "glossy look" intro to computing may seem rather steep. But from the moment you begin to read page 1, you start to learn.

The text is brief but well written; the visuals are numerous and extremely easy to read; and each page is chock full of information. The material is far from being Atari-specific, but the basics of computing are well covered. The best way i can describe this book is to quote the author's brief dedication: "This book is dedicated to those of you who are curious about computers, want to buy one, are scared to death of them, don't understand the one you own, and don't like to read for hours." Excellent job, Wayne.

The last several books will not necessarily teach you how to program. They will not tell you secrets about making your programs run 30 percent faster. nor will they give you a list of POKE locations in the appendix. What they will do is expand your mind if you read slowly and carefuly digest the information you are reading.

Review Grade: A