Classic Computer Magazine Archive CREATIVE COMPUTING VOL. 10, NO. 5 / MAY 1984 / PAGE 230

1983 microcomputer market place: a comprehensive directory of the microcomputer industry. (book reviews) Stephen Gray.

1983 Microcomputer Market Place:

A Comprehensive Directory of the Microcomputer Industry

This directory is the first edition in a projected annual series. According to the brochure, it is for "an executive in the microcomputer software industry, a teacher or administrator, librarian, programmer, hardware manufacturer, space salesperson, computer store manager, supplier, user, or just a person interested in learning more about the computer market.'

The 22 chapters provide listings of 1000 software publishers (address, phone, top executives, and (usually) how many products have been published, applications, hardware, key contact, and so on); hardware/operating systems compatibility (which company's programs are compatible with which system); business applications (software vendors in 24 areas); home applications (by type of software: budgeting, calendars, and so forth); games; preschool, elementary, high-school, college, and adult education programs; scientific programs (graphics, math routines); utility applications; special applications (agriculture, legal); 72 software distributors; 297 suppliers (peripherals, ribbons, disks); supplier index by product; 69 manufacturers of microcomputer systems; publications (63 magazines and newsletters); 16 associations; 81 software producers/developers /consultants; other services (computer typesetting, repair); and a 1983 calendar of meetings and events (24 items).

The price may seem high if you don't need such information at your fingertips; but for $75 you get a great deal of data that could take quite a while to dig up on your own all in one publication. Even if it saves you only ten hours of work, it has paid for itself. Of course, it is bound to go out of date fairly soon, but by then the 1984 edition should be available.

Review Grade: B+