Classic Computer Magazine Archive CREATIVE COMPUTING VOL. 10, NO. 3 / MARCH 1984 / PAGE 257

Graphics for the IBM PC. (book reviews) Susan Glinert-Cole.

Graphics for the IBM PC

Quite another cup of tea altogether is Graphics for the IBM PC by B.J. Korites from Kern Publications. This is an excellent self-teaching guide to writing graphics software; the programs listed in the text are available on disk for an additional $21.50. For some strange reason, the author lowercases PC, but this is the only item in the book that is a bit off. It is packed with useful information and excellent explanations of scaling, windowing, two-and three-dimensional rotation and translation, perspective, hidden line removal, shading, matrix concatenation, and 3-D interactive graphics. It is fairly mathematical; the author points out rightly that some math is required when writing this type of software, but he has been at pains to present the material in a concise and simple manner. Anyone who works through this book will have a solid foundation in the subject.

Review Grade: A