Classic Computer Magazine Archive CREATIVE COMPUTING VOL. 10, NO. 11 / NOVEMBER 1984 / PAGE 76

Creative Computing in pictures. (illustration) Betsy Staples.

Steve North (on ladder) and other employees worked weekends to make the building habitable.

When the magazine outgrew Dave Ahl's basement, he rented a (not very) converted warehouse at 51 Dumont Place two blocks from his posh AT&T office for $400 a month.

The first floor was a warehouse for back issues, books, and software ably overseen by shipping Supervisor Ron Antonaccio.

Upstairs was a large room occupied by the Customer Service, Order Processing, Circulation, and Accounting Departments.

A considerably smaller room served as an office for Betsy Staples, then business manager for the growing company, and Publisher David Ahl. Note state-of-the-art Sol 20 computer and not-so-state-of-the-art air conditioning/ventilating system in the background.

In the center of the cluster of second-floor rooms was the software development center and editorial testing lab. Chairs were always in short supply.

When the company outgrew the building on Dumont Place, a two-family house at 93 Washington Street, Morristown, was purchased to augment the dwindling supply of office and storage space. Again, employees pitched in and accomplished the move over the Washington's Birthday holiday weekend.

Within 18 months, both of the company buildings were bursting at the seams, so with the help of the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, Dave bought a 25,000-square-foot building in nearby Morris Plains. Once again, employees handled the move and even undertook some serious renovation.

The annual company picnic is always supervised by Ron Antonaccio (Left), but by June of 1981, the company had grown so large that we won't attempt to identify the others in this picture--there are too many we don't remember.

There was an open house to christen the new building. Editor Ted Nelson (left) made a special daytime appearance to introduce himself to employees like then Editorial Assistant Peter Fee and Bob Callan of the software division.

Associate Editor John Anderson was the new guy at the June 1982 picnic. Karyn Hecht (foreground) spent the summer dodging darts in the editorial bullpen.

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