Classic Computer Magazine Archive Index of Creative Computing December 1985 articles

Creative Computing Vol. 11 No. 12 - December 1985

  • Great while it lasted. editorial by David H. Ahl
  • Finding the next number. recreational computing by Michael W. Ecker
  • The year of the locust: how do the 17-year cicadas know? by Edward H. Carlson
  • Wrap up a high-tech holiday; these 21 quality products represent good values this holiday season. by David H. Ahl
  • Software commentary; top choices for holiday giving and getting.
  • New power for the printed page; the desktop publishing revolution. Special section by Timothy Onosko
  • Hewlett-Packard Vectra; HP throws its hat into the AT compatible ring. evaluation by Joe Desposito
  • Gifts to give your printer. Print about printers; column by Owen W. Linzmayer
  • Sharp CE-515P Color Plotter. evaluation by David H. Ahl
  • Off the beaten track; peripherals you never knew you needed. by Barry Keating
  • ChipWits; bet you can't build just one. evaluation by John J. Anderson
  • New crop in the orchard. Apple cart; column by Owen W. Linzmayer
  • Batch files and new software from IBM. IBM images; column by Will Fastie
  • Devices and programs to speed up the 1541 drive. Commodore's port; column by Dan Rustin
  • Ma Bell eyes ST; graphics software; and Logo programs. Outpost: Atari; column by John J. Anderson
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