Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE II ISSUE 2 / JUNE/JULY 1980

The Single-Board 6502

Eric Rehnke

Hope For The OSI Users

There may be hope for you OSI users yet. No, not from OSI but from a company called AARDVARK TECHNICAL SERVICES (1690 Bolton, Walled Lake, MI 48088 tel (313) 624-6316).

They seem to have a really good attitude and sure have lots of low-cost game and utility software for C1 and C2 system users.

Their catalog says it all though with several BASIC program listings (including LIFE), at least 4 pages of useful info on Microsoft BASIC and the OSI system besides the incredibly large catalog of program offerings. Well worth their asking price of $1.

Remember the friend of mine who was working on using his C2-4P as a terminal for his new found love (a KIM-1)? Well, that story had a happy ending when he loaded in the dumb terminal program from AARDVARK and it worked perfectly the first time.

Love those happy endings.