Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE II ISSUE 2 / JUNE/JULY 1980

The Single-Board 6502

Eric Rehnke

Sound Chip Update

I finally got hold of some General Instruments Programmable Sound Generator chips (AY3-8910). One of them is residing on a prototype card along with a 6522, which interfaces the sound chip to my computer.

After some initial problems (with me, not the chip) I was able to get the sound generator to start generating some sound. I haven't yet even scratched the surface of what's possible with the PSG – maybe you'll also hook one to your computer and see what sounds you can get out of it.

In my next column, I'll write up the driver software to save you the trouble.

Lately, my mind has also been racing with some of the possibilities for ways to input music into the system as well as output it.