Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 96 / MAY 1988 / PAGE 37

new products!

Buick Disk Drive
Buick Motor Division has released the 1988 version of Dimension, a marketing and information program for people interested in Buick automobiles. The program includes two disks with graphics and information about Buick's 1988 models. The disk package is available free of charge for owners of IBM PC, XT, AT, or Macintosh computers with a minimum of 512K.
    The program contains basic data on each Buick model, including standard equipment and optional packages, specifications, comparisons to competitive automobiles, and a spreadsheet purchase plan. The graphics portion provides views of the cars' interiors and exteriors, as well as engineering features such as brake systems, suspensions, and engines.
    Dimension can also calculate estimated payments based on the manufacturer's suggested retail price and on user-specified information about desired down payment and length of contract.
    Free disks are available by writing to Buick and specifying the computer on which the disk will be used.
    Buick Distribution Center, c/o Adcom, 6845 Dix St., Detroit, MI 48209
Circle Reader Service Number 202.