Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 95 / APRIL 1988 / PAGE 43

Graphics And Music In Amiga Basic

Is there a relatively easy way to load Deluxe Paint II pictures into Amiga Basic? Also, can I load Musicraft music files into my BASIC programs?

M. J. Phillips

You can load Deluxe Paint II files into your BASIC programs. In fact, there's even a program on the Version 1.2 Extras disk that comes with every Amiga sold. The program works with just about every video mode available on the Amiga, with the exception of HAM and Extra-Half-Brite modes (these modes require six bitplanes, while Amiga Basic allows only five.)

We know of no way to load Musicraft (now sold as Sonix) files or any other music files into Amiga Basic. Even if you could load the files, the limitations of BASIC sound would probably make for disappointing music. There might be a way to add music commands to BASIC, but we haven't seen that done yet.